Trailer technology and safety systems on the rise

November 25, 2019

Ashley Wagener

A number of safety-related items for dry van trailers are growing in popularity among fleets, said Mark Schultz, dry van product director, Great Dane Trailers. “Rear bumpers like the Great Dane RIG30 are available to meet the 30% offset guidelines,” he noted. “There are high-mounted dual turn and stop indicator lamps on rear frame headers, and fleets that make deliveries to stores around pedestrian traffic are installing rear cameras.”

Schultz added that telematics systems are increasingly popular as the devices become more reliable and cost-effective. Additionally, aerodynamic devices in different configurations are being specified for dry vans to save fuel and in some cases to meet state guidelines.

The Great Dane Champion Series of dry van trailers includes sheet-and-post and composite models featuring a laminated hardwood floor secured with two screws in an alternating pattern for strength in high-stress areas. The floor is available with optional protective coatings.

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Champion dry vans also have a tension-mounted aluminum roof sheet permanently bonded to galvanized, anti-snag roof bows and secured to the side rails for reinforcement. The manufacturer said its exclusive EnduroGuard rear frame provides an effective barrier against corrosion and resists scaling, flaking and discoloration.

The Champion sheet-and-post model features a 10.25-in.-high corrugated galvanized, roll-formed steel scuff band and can be ordered with multiple interior linings, including PunctureGuard, HDPE plastic, SSL Galvalume steel and insulated options. The Champion Composite has logistics posts that are recessed at panel connections and secured with smooth rivet heads for a snag-free interior and a full-length, one-piece extruded aluminum bottom rail with an integral scuff band.

The newest dry van in the Utility Trailer Manufacturing product line is the 4000D-X Composite TBR (tall bottom rail). The smooth, solid one-piece aluminum bottom rail is 10 in. taller and 50% thicker at the floor level than a standard rail. To create the added height, riveted structural components, including the wear band, have been raised above the pallet impact, rub and work level.

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According to the company, the 4000D-X Composite TBR dry van is engineered for heavy hauls that often have a large amount of forklift abuse and lower wall rubbing. The 65,000-lb.-GVWR model has an inside wear band to wear band dimension of 101 in. and a standard 20,000-lb. floor rating.

The HY-Cube dry van from Hyundai Translead provides for up to 4,050 cu. ft. of interior capacity. The trailer features interior width, height and rear door opening dimensions of 101 in. Inside the HY-Cube dry van, the manufacturer uses recycled, high impact white HDPE panels between slotted logistic posts that it said snap in for ease of repair and brighten the trailer interior for better visibility during loading and unloading. An anti-corrosion package is standard on the HY-Cube dry van. Included are hot dip galvanized upper couplers, slider rails, steel crossmembers, landing gear, K-braces, mounting brackets, rear frames, impact guards, turn signal brackets, and threshold plates.

Standard HY-Cube van specs include a sealed wiring harness with an internal ground, water- and debris-resistant tail light housings, and door lock rods with rubber handle grips for driver comfort and safety.

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Strick Trailers has recently introduced its FRC (fiberglass reinforced composite) dry van trailer. The FRC is available in configurations ranging from 28-ft. pups to 60-ft. models. The trailers can be specified to meet specific delivery requirements with interior options, such as E-track, various cargo control systems, and insulation packages.

“By means of a new construction process, we’re able to combine select materials to create seamless, snag-free, full-length FRC sidewall panels that are pultruded with a moisture-resistant PET core that is 100% recyclable,” said Justin Bell, vice president of engineering at Strick Trailers. “This process improves longevity as the panels will not delaminate, and their hydrophobic characteristics prevent wicking to ensure there is no water intrusion or corrosion.”

Strick has also announced the Kemlite extended weathering translucent roof offered by Crane Composites is now standard on its dry vans. The roof features an enhanced tear-resistant fabric. According to Crane, the ultramarine blue tint on the translucent roof provides light transmission while limiting heat gain to improve safety and productivity when loading and unloading cargo.

BY Fleet Owner Staff
November 23, 2019
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