Navistar International Recalls More Than 12,000 Trucks

January 13, 2020

Ashley Wagener

Navistar Inc. has issued a safety recall for 12,539 International brand trucks that are at risk of unintended movement when the parking brake is in use. The recall applies to four truck models: 2019-20 International MV, 2018-20 International WorkStar, 2019-20 International HV and 2018-19 International DuraStar. These vehicles are medium-duty work trucks that can be used for deliveries, dumping and towing.

According to the safety recall report, which was submitted Nov. 21, the defect may result in property damage or personal injury. Specifically, when the parking brake is applied and the automatic transmission still is in drive or reverse position and the stationary power takeoff switch is engaged, the engine rpm will ramp up and may overcome the parking brake’s ability to hold the vehicle in place. The defect was caused because the programming for the trucks did not have PTO neutral interlock enabled in the powertrain database.

The issue was raised to Navistar this past summer. In August, Navistar received communication from a field service representative who was able to ramp up the engine throttle with the steering wheel switches when the transmission was in gear and the parking brake was applied on HV model trucks. The company started an investigation into the issue in early September.

In October, Navistar determined a potential suspect population of vehicle models. The company finalized the suspect population Nov. 7 and declared the safety recall Nov. 14.

The recall report indicates that customer and dealer notification letters will be mailed by Jan. 20. Dealers will update the engine control model to enable the PTO neutral interlock free of charge.

BY Elanor Lamb
December 16, 2019
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